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Bill White

Bill is the Founder of the Julia and David White Artists Colony, the most active artists colony in Costa Rica, which was established as a memorial to his children.

Dr. White was formerly a practicing psychologist in the United States, and an art critic for the Los Angeles Times.

He wanted to establish his artists colony near the UN-chartered University for Peace because of his lifelong committment to the ideals of the United Nations system and to international peace and justice issues. Dr. White was especially attracted to Costa Rica because of its unique de-militarized status (the nation disbanded its military in 1948).

His artists colony hosts groups of visiting artists each month, and also conducts monthly musical and community events. The Colony is currently proposing, to the Costa Rican government, a national Peace Walk Memorial.

Bill had a deeply disturbing experience, during 2003, while attempting to donate his beautiful artists colony - comprising nearly twenty acres and a dozen-and-a-half residences - to the University for Peace, for the preservation of the Colony and benefit of the University's growth.

Indications are that a group designated by the University's Rector to negotiate this donation were attempting to divert it toward uses other than those intended. Bill gave an excellent radio interview regarding his experience, which aired in late-2003. This interview has subsequently been nominated for a journalism prize in California.

Along similar lines, the Costa Rican government has recently issued a $1.65mn ruling against The Earth Council - which, in recent years, has shared senior management staff with the University for Peace - for alleged property fraud, also involving donated lands. The Tico Times recently published an article on this subject.

You may read Bill's compelling and disturbing letter to the UPeace Council, regarding his experience. He has never received, as a result of his correspondence, any apology or compensation from the University, for their actions.




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