University for Peace Community Liason Group

- a concerned citizens initiative -

(Our group is independent of and has no formal approval from the University for Peace)


Get Involved!

- we're interested in your feedback -

Please send us your thoughts. Indicate whether or not you would like for us to consider posting your remarks, or circulating them to the UPeace Council. If you would prefer to send your remarks directly to University executive management, please use the following links:

Tel: (506)205-9000 (Costa Rica)
Fax: (506)249-1324 (Costa Rica)

email UPeace administrators
faculty contact directory

- volunteer -

You may select an action point to work on, as a volunteer, from among the Suggested Actions portion of our Mission Statement, knowing that your efforts will help contribute toward the betterment of UPeace. You may pursue any such recommendations by sending emails either to University administrators, or via contacting appropriate media.

Also, we plan soon to begin holding monthly dinner meetings (initially, only in Costa Rica). Send us an email if you'd like to be included on our mailing list for these events.

please click here to send an email to the group

Thank you for your support of this valuable UN mission!


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