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Georges Tsai, acting UPeace Vice-Rector
James Wallerstedt
April 29, 2004

Georges -      

Thought you might also appreciate the following UN information sources, which I recently sent to several others, here in the community.    

Meanwhile, don't you think it appropriate that the UN's only degree-granting university - one devoted to cultivating a global "culture of peace" - be able to admit when it makes mistakes? Why don't you personally investigate the Bill White matter, for starters?  I have a radio broadcast that was aired by RFPI on this issue, or you may call him at home.

Then ask yourself, if you had discovered this incident, as I did last summer, would you not have been tempted to bring it to the attention of someone responsible, as a public service?    

Bear in mind that, at this time (June, 2003), I already had a report that Gerardo Budowski, among others, was incensed that the new UPeace "Human Security" training was being developed without the proper involvement or consent of the faculty.  I had also recently overheard one of the professors (Simon Standar), at lunch, speculating that William Martin (former Executive Secretary of the National Security Council under Reagan) was, he suspected, "the Pentagon's point man," and true source of support for these new programs.  Others speculated that such connections might help explain the noticeable hostility toward RFPI (ultimately resulting in their eviction).

I was not alone in finding all this talk disturbing.

Georges, many believe that my willingness to attempt to bring such issues to the attention of the University's larger community - which was the thought behind my email to former President Carazo - is something that should have been applauded rather than punished. Meanwhile, as someone previously associated with the Canadian Ethics Commission, doesn't all this put you in a somewhat ironic position?  Are you not allowing significant injustices to be swept under the rug, rather than confronting them?

How can we expect to have peace in the larger world if we can't have justice, and how can UPeace stand for peace in the larger world if it can't practice justice in its own neighborhood? Please pick up the phone, call me, and let's arrange a meeting to discuss the issues.

An institution hoping to teach the rest of the world "conflict resolution" skills and behave in a manner befitting "the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations," surely must be able to find a way to swallow its pride to the extent of being willing to admit fault, when justified, or negotiate.

My email of UN news sources follows...

all the best,





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