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Note:  The following is a May, 2004 email message sent by James Wallerstedt to University for Peace Rector Martin Lees, and Vice-Rector, Georges Tsai.  Sending this email message resulted in the formal withdrawal, by the University for Peace, of a job offer previously extended to Mr. Wallerstedt (to serve as Project Manager for a project to place all UPeace degree programs into online format).  During the same month that this message was sent to UPeace officials - which, along with other initiatives spearheaded by Mr. Wallerstedt, ultimately resulted in the cancellation of a four-year contract for UPeace based paramilitary training, in conjunction with powerful, shadowy elements associated with Mr. William Martin and UPeace Chairman Maurice Strong - Mr. Wallerstedt also wrote an article about US foreign policy, We Face a Fork in the Road, on similar themes (subsequently read by nearly a million people).

Other items on this website relating to the following message include these pages: UPeace paramilitary training contractUS Southern Command Latin America plans, RFPI TicoTimes article, JW-RFPI correspondence and Letter to University Founders.

Martin Lees (Rector), cc: Georges Tsai (acting Vice-Rector)
James Wallerstedt

Dear Martin and Georges -  

I just got the following message in my inbox, yesterday. It regards a citizen's based effort in the US to stop the Bush administration's steps toward provoking another nuclear arms race, by starting into a new generation of nuclear weapons; accompanied by plans to "fast-track" the development and increased deregulation of new nuclear power stations, in the US and abroad. 

What's even more disturbing, is that the highest-level Bush administration appointee to our Department of Energy regarding these plans, is someone whom Martin [Lees] recently introduced to University staff and faculty as "our friend in Washington" (William/Bill Martin, former Executive Secretary of the US National Security Council under Reagan and, more recently, Campaign Energy Advisor to the Bush 2000 campaign). 

I would guess that any sane person on our planet is opposed to the Bush administration's plan to build these new "small-build" nuclear weapons, along with the new generation of nuclear power stations being proposed. Yet, as announcements in the US press have indicated, the plans are proceeding.

The gentleman chosen by the Bush administration to advise DOE on how to proceed with these plans, Bill Martin - as you know - is someone who has been essentially loitering in the vicinity of UPeace since at least late-2000, without any clear explanation as to his role given either to UPeace faculty or concerned members of the surrounding community. 

A UPeace press release from late-2001 announces the proposed creation of a high-tech facility for the campus to be modelled upon the top-secret US Situation Room (aka: "War Room"), for which, interestingly enough, this "friend in Washington" had personal responsibilty during the Reagan administration.  He is mentioned in the 2001 University press release as being involved with this proposed new facility.

To review, the history of this particular mysterious "friend of the University," my own recent online research indicates that:  

a)  He is a close associate of Dick Cheney, and also apparantly maintains a close working relationship with US Department of Defense second-in-command, Paul Wolfowitz.

b)  Is a confirmed "hawk" even among the Republican insiders establishment in DC, and is a senior member of the central "Neo-con" group in Washington; which circles have primary responsibility for instigating the recent US misadventures in Iraq and undermining multilateral cooperation around the world (the PNAC, or Project for the New American Century network).

c)  Served not just as "a campaign energy advisor" but as the Campaign Energy Advisor to the Bush campaign in 2000, at which time he; argued in favor of increased military expeditions in the Mideast, to guarantee "energy security;" advised against US compliance with Kyoto and other environmental protocols; argued in favor of "fast-tracking" nuclear energy development; in favor of opening the Artic Wildlife Refuge and other US federal lands for increased oil drilling. 

Mr. Martin has repeatedly downplayed the potential role of alternative energy in the US future, despite overwhelming evidence indicating that DoE and industry pressure groups for which he has recently served as a lobbyist are actively repressing totally revolutionary energy technologies that could quickly end the ills associated with the petroleum sector.  I have his related official 2001 testimony before the House Science Committee of the US Congress, in support of the prior claims.  If either of you would like to see that, please just let me know.

d)  Was recently identified by Paul Krugman of the NY Times, as Co-chairing Dick Cheney's secret (and illegal) "Energy Task Force" during 1999-2000 which circumvented US law to justify plans to acquire Mideastern oil supplies and simultaneously rig domestic energy deregulation; leading, among other things, to the Enron fiasco and all its sordid fallout [see related article].  All this is the subject of numerous lawsuits today; with Paul Krugman expressing disgust that, after leaving his Energy Task Force post, Mr. Martin was immediately engaged lobbying Congress on behalf of oil and gas companies that would directly profit from these same policies [see related article]).

e)  Was appointed head of DoE's Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee (NERAC) in November of 2003, which is the highest-level commission advising the Director of the Nuclear Agency, with responsibility for US nuclear energy and for coordination with new nuclear armament plans [see Nuclear Agency organigram, from DOE's Nuclear Agency website; the "Space and Defense Power Systems" unit provides linkage between nuclear energy and nuclear weaponry programs].

f)  Was the Executive Secretary of the US National Security Council under Reagan, during the Iran-Contra period when the NSC was at its all-time low in terms of reputation and the proliferation of illegal conduct (with fellow NSC staffers including; Oliver North, John Poindexter, Frank Carlucci, Robert MacFarlane, and other convicted felons).  

What concerned members in the community here (and on the UPeace faculty) can now ascertain about Mr. Martin, is that he is directly hooked into extremely high-level US and international networks whose pro-war and anti-democracy values and methods run completely contrary to the Charter and the proclaimed values of the UN's University for Peace.

All this would be easier to ignore and perhaps easier to extend "benefit of doubt" courtesies toward were it not for the fact that the order to evict Radio for Peace International (RFPI) from their facilities and, thus, effectively take them off the air, occurred just one month after Martin [Lees] introduced Bill Martin to the UPeace staff and faculty; during which week both Martin, Bill Martin and Maurice Strong were all on campus together. 

Thus, a liberal/progressive radio station - often openly critical of US military and covert operations programs and "Neo-liberal Globalization" initiatives in the southern hemisphere - was shut down.  Gentlemen, are we to consider this a coincidence?  Secondly, Mr. Martin's visit coincided with the first major round of NEW PARAMILITARY TRAINING PROGRAMS held on the UPeace campus (which took place the following month).

How could anyone believe these disturbing variations from the spirit of the UPeace Charter are "coincidence," especially when there has also been what various of my UPeace faculty friends characterize as their growing discomfort re: "stonewalling" on these issues, by yourselves?  On that point, what about Prof. Budowski blowing up over these matters recently, asking why decisions regarding the new programs were being made in secret without any substantive faculty consultation?

Am I and others - concerned about the University and its future - to pretend we "See no evil, hear no evil?"  I, for one, am tired of pretending ignorance and am deeply offended by the treatment that I have received.  I am also aware that certain versions of my own experience - and other recent troubling events (esp. the Bill White affair) - being circulated by one or two high-level administrators on campus, are substantially at odds with recent events. 

Gentlemen, all this regards conduct of senior staff at the UN's only degree-granting institution of higher learning in the world - one meant to be the world's foremost "Peace Academy," teaching the rest of the world about cooperation, conflict resolution and mature conduct,  "In keeping with the noble aspirations proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations." 

This is a sobering reflection.

Several of the positions just noted for Bill Martin - not to mention their combination - strongly suggests the profile of a senior, high-level career CIA officer.  There are other documents I have uncovered, and some related personal testimony, which support this conclusion.

Martin, these things are now being discussed in the community; among long-term UPeace supporters and RFPI supporters, among UPeace faculty and staff, and in student and alumni networks.  This is not healthy.  These matters now really need public airing.

I am not alone in being curious as to how someone with Bill Martin's profile would be introduced by the UPeace Rector as a "friend of the University" with a major new paramilitary training program being introduced - running completely contrary to the UPeace Charter (though in line with yet another police-military academy, of which our world already has enough) - while individuals like myself and organizations like RFPI - and dedicated staff like Don Snedeker, and potential major donors like Bill White - who truly share the University's founding principles and spirit, and therefore deserve to be called "Friends of the University for Peace" are frozen out, branded as "enemies" or "trouble-makers," have their property confiscated, etc.

Pray tell how this has occured.  The community needs and deserves answers.

One of the few fits that we have been able to imagine for an individual with a background like Mr. Martin, would involve arranging for the routing of foreign government support and funding for the University's new "Human Security" programming [see related article]. 

Other funding for the new UPeace Latin America paramilitary training program evidently will come from the government of Italy.  Disturbingly, certain circles within the government of Italy provided the US CIA with the now known to be bogus "uranium from Niger" claims, used to justify the current absurd war in Iraq.  Bill Martin - as a former US National Security Council Executive Secretary, or perhaps for other reasons - apparantly has ties to such groups. 

In the current climate, given these circumstances, don't you agree that more open discussion of these issues is required to protect the future of the University?

To many - certainly, including former President Rodrigo Carazo - Radio for Peace International was a progressive radio station with a mission similar to and compatible with that of the University. 

Yet, within Mr. Martin's circles, thay might very well be seen as a pesky bug that should be, ideally, shut down.  This makes me wonder if, by chance, there might not have been a behind-the-scenes arrangement whereby RFPI was shut down in return for lucrative funding for the new paramilitary training contract

Sorry to raise such probing questions.  Yet, within the surrounding UPeace community, as the saying goes, "Inquiring minds want to know."  And, knowledgable University watchers are tending to draw worse rather than better conclusions, right now, which, again, calls for more open discussion.

Perhaps one of you could sit in on some of the ongoing "conflict resolution training" going on in UPeace classrooms, while pondering these issues; or, perhaps, re-read the UPeace Charter and Mission Statement, something like that?  Sorry to be cheeky, but there is general agreement that what's occuring, in total, is wrong and unacceptable. 

A citizen's action email regarding an effort on the part of some conscientious Americans to deter the latest activities of the general group with which your mysterious new "friend in Washington" is affiliated, follows.

Sincere regards,  

James Wallerstedt
Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

----- Original Message -----

From: true majority
To: james wallerstedt
Thursday, May 13, 2004 5:36 PM
"Useable" Nukes

Tell Them The Answer is Still NO

Last year, TrueMajority and a whole group of other organizations urged Congress to stop funding the nuclear "bunker buster" bomb. The budget was cut in half. Now the Bush administration is trying to get it funded again. Just click 'Reply' and 'Send' in your email program to tell Congress the answer is still NO.

Or, click this link if you want to customize the message or if you have been sent this by a friend:

The chairman of our Military Advisory Committee, Vice Admiral Jack Shanahan (USN, ret.) literally had his finger on the button. Here's what he's got to say:

Dear James Wallerstedt,

I used to command ships armed with nuclear weapons. The idea was that if pushed to the wall, my fleet could wipe out Soviet submarines and bombers using some nuclear depth charges and nuclear surface to air missiles without igniting a full-scale nuclear holocaust.

We all knew that it was hogwash. First, these so-called "battlefield" nukes were so powerful that using them would kill my own sailors. Second, once we went nuclear, there was no way the Soviets wouldn't also. And third, nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction and simply immoral to use. President Bush the elder eventually scuttled battlefield nukes, and Congress made it illegal to create new "mini-nukes" in 1993 when it passed the Spratt-Furse provision.

Now Pres. Bush the younger and Congress repealed that ban and are working to create a whole new generation of what they're now calling "useable" nukes. The "bunker buster" is the first in a long line of projects that would start up production of nuclear weapons.

This is not the time for our country to build new nuclear weapons, having signed the global Non-Proliferation Treaty with over a hundred other nations. It'd be hard to complain that countries like North Korea shouldn't build new nuclear weapons when the Bush Administration proposes doing the very same thing. And giving more "useable nukes" to this trigger-happy White House might result in America actually launching nuclear weapons in the heat of the next pre-emptive war.

Do the world a favor, send Congress faxes telling them you think no nuke is a good nuke and they shouldn't try to build any. Just click this link:

Then send this email to your friends and ask them to do the same.


Vice Adm. Jack Shanahan (Ret.)

Background on the Bunker Buster:
The multimillion dollar ("small-build") Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, designed for use against underground bunkers would have explosive power up to 70 times that of the Hiroshima bomb. Its supporters say it's a "clean" nuclear weapon because it penetrates the earth before detonating. In reality, if it were detonated in a city, tens of thousands of people could receive a fatal dose of radiation. More people would be killed or injured by the extreme pressures of the blast and thermal injuries. Still more would die from fires and buildings collapsing from the seismic shock. For more information visit

See how spending on nuclear weapons could be better invested in your community, visit

Here is the letter we'll send to your Members of Congress:

Dear [we'll fill in your representative's name here]:

To make our nation more secure, please eliminate all funds for the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, also known as the bunker buster. New U.S. nuclear weapons will make us less safe by encouraging other countries to rely on nuclear weapons for their security. We need to reduce reliance on the most horrific weapons ever created and make global disarmament our priority.

Please the take money under consideration for this program and spend it on schools, humanitarian foreign aid or health care to build real national security.


[We'll put your name and address here]

- If you'd like to contact us, don't reply to this e-mail. Instead, go here:

- If you need to update your address or e-mail address, or if we have the wrong Representative for you, just go here to change it.




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